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Associazione VIgevanese Ornicoltori



Federazione Ornicoltori Italiani




Thanks to Mr Maurizio "Varesino" Insalaco for the translation                                     


To Breed means protecting 

A passion to share:

my name is Corinne and I was born in 1996; I live in Gudo Visconti ,Milan and I wish I told you how this passion grew up.


When I was 5 or 6 years old I asked my mother and my father a pet, any kind of animal to stay together with. They bought me a pair of color undulating budgies, the one male was common light green colored and the female was a paint budgie white and blue.
I started to love what I considered as  a “play”, and probably  I treated even not so bad my new friends;  in fact they felt so well that they calved and multiplied; unfortunately, during the summer of that year a cat made them escape with their pups.  It was then that I felt my first, big disappointment.


The same day, my father arrived at home with a lutino budgerigar,  which entered a few time before in his office from an open window; since that day, his colleague Ennio took care lovingly of it.
I’m sure that he gave it to my father only because  he understood his desperation for parrots escape.


"Luana" was raised manually and it was very beautiful; unfortunately, after about a couple of years one day, while I was trying  to take it into my home  just for training, as soon as I took Luana it escaped. I’m still waiting her to come back, although I well know it won’t happen anymore.


Since that experience,  I wanted to make my little friends live better and better, so  I joined the FOI (Federazione Ornicoltori Italiani – Italian bird breeders); precisely I am an effective member (and the Mascotte) of  the A.V.O. (Associazione Vigevanese Ornicoltori), which is the Bird breeders association of Vigevano;  there, I’ve learned to look after my little friends (hopefully in the best way).


After 5 / 6 "years", nowadays  my farm has been formed year by year by forty specimens. It’s such a "fatigue" everytime I must decide which to keep: I wish I kept all of them, but me and my Mom agreed not to overcome that number.
I use to participate in exhibitions, national and international and my
biggest dream is to participate (and possibly win) to the World Exhibition of January 2009 - in Italy at Piacenza.


I believe that an award at the World Exhibition will not be possible; but year by year I want my subjects’ quality to get better.






Once ago, I believed  I could play with them, but as soon as I saw many of them suffer I understood that they’re not a game, and so I changed my opinion.


Once, in an exhibitions of parrots, I started a discussion with a photographer who blinded them by the flash!.


If the little birds are not relaxed,  looked after by and carefully monitored , they will never generate other little budgies and  they’ll never be good subjects




My dad helps me (sometime he brings me  at AVO headquarters on Friday evenings, to register, order and pick up the little rings, he takes me to exhibitions and helps me to tidy cages), and as I know all of my “little monsters”, he decided to present me this website. So i’ll be able to remember my little friends forever.


If you want me to give you suggestions, or if you want to suggest something to me, exchange views or even if you want a pup (only if you promise to treat it well), don’t esitate to write me.




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